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 A letter of intent from Korotan 4

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PostSubject: A letter of intent from Korotan 4   A letter of intent from Korotan 4 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2007 6:21 am

Honorable Wolf Senate,

It is only in these grim times of our own alliance that we come here today. We hope that the following proposal will be look upon and considered and that ultimately approved. Rest assured that regardless of the outcome, we will remain your allies and friends in the months to come.

We of Korotan4 are looking for a new home, now that the Korotan alliance network has fallen apart. Originally, most of us belonged to two different alliances, *LoK* and ID_, and then we merged under the Korotan banner. It is with much reluctance that we look for a new home; we stayed with Korotan until the very end, and now Korotan1 is but a shadow of its former self, and Korotan2 and Korotan3 no longer exist. At this point, we have two options; we can either break apart and join various other alliances individually, or we can find a new alliance network to sponsor us. We vastly prefer the second option, and thus we come to you.

What we have to offer you is a fully functioning, respectably-ranked alliance, with seasoned leadership and battlefield experience. We're good at working together and fight above our weight class, having survived clashes with larger alliances such as )S.P(. If you were to accept us into your fold, we would give you our complete support, militarily and diplomatically. We would be willing to help our fellow pack mates regardless of distance or personal cost.

We understand that the Great Wolf Alliance has certain standards that need to be upheld; all of our members are active and most have experience from other servers, but we would certainly accept the inclusion of a Den Leader to verify this, as well as to act as a liaison between us and other Wolf wings. We also understand the importance of communication; many of us have been active on our own forums, and we would be happy to switch over to your forums, should you choose to accept us.

The reason we are seeking inclusion within the Great Wolf Empire is because of our previous positive dealings with members of your wings, specifically WD-WOLF. The leadership of that wing have always been straightforward and honest allies with us. We have always tried to show our commitment to the alliance between Korotan4 and WD-WOLF, and they have always shown their willingness to reciprocate. It only makes sense that, now that we are looking for a new sponsor, that we turn to one of our most steadfast, trustworthy allies.

We thank you for doing us the honor of considering our proposal, and we hope to hear back from you soon.

Ratman45 and Mordaith
Korotan4 Administration
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PostSubject: Re: A letter of intent from Korotan 4   A letter of intent from Korotan 4 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2007 10:41 am

thank you thinkng of the WOLF EMPIRE but at the moment we are not taking any new alliances into the fold untill we have completed restructing.
it may take a week or two.
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A letter of intent from Korotan 4
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