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 Alliance with GWE-SW Heroes of War

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Alliance with GWE-SW  Heroes of War Empty
PostSubject: Alliance with GWE-SW Heroes of War   Alliance with GWE-SW  Heroes of War Icon_minitimeTue Mar 04, 2008 7:50 am


I have the honour to represent the STAR alliance as their officially appointed diplomat and accordingly it is my pleasure and duty to introduce myself formally to your great alliance with whom we have the honour to be allied.

We are a fairly young but extremely active alliance currently ranked at No 106, who place great store on teamwork and forging strong and active alliances.

I realise that you are able to select your alliance partners circumspectly and selectively, and for that reason feel privledged to offer any support to you and your members as and when required.

If I can be of further assistance or answer any queries I will of course be delighted so to do and will of course check this Embassy Forum on a regular basis.

Yours respectfully,

Diplomat - STAR Alliance
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Alliance with GWE-SW Heroes of War
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